•    Melania Trump depicted as stripper in rap music video
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    Melania Trump depicted as stripper in rap music video

    Melania Trump depicted as stripper in rap music video

    Melania Trump depicted as stripper in rap music video

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    “I’d like to think of it as an homage to who Melania truly is. Should we celebrate her gift for writing speeches or the successful “Be Best”anti bullying campaign. Maybe embracing her “I Don’t Care. Do You?” fashion line would work? She’s just so talented. ”

    It is not wrong to criticize the first lady who defended her husband after his repeated public hatred and numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity. She said he was lured into the ‘boy talk’ after a disgusting Hollywood video leak. I have spoken a lot about his time in office. Even when I finally spoke about Stormy Daniels’ allegations, Melania said: ‘It’s not a concern and concern for me, I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have more important things to think about and do.’

    Certainly, the former first ladies bore much worse than Melania. At the time when President Barack Obama was in office, Michelle Obama suffered an onslaught of racist and sexual attacks.

    This is not the first controversial Trump management protests by celebrities. Last year, Cathy Griffin was crucified for a video of Donald Trump’s head. Snoop Dogg also released a video clip in which a Trump-filled pistol was pulled in the clown’s makeup. The president even responded to this video, falsely indicating that Snoop would have been put in prison if he did so with Obama.

    Although T.I’s video does not depict violence against the first family, this critique of a German as a story is certainly a retrograde and lazy way of protesting Trump’s policy and the satisfaction of the First Lady. There are more useful ways to use art to challenge Trump’s management policy beyond the shock value.

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