•    Attacks on World Trade Tower September 11 /2001
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    Attacks on World Trade Tower September 11 /2001

    Attacks on World Trade Tower September 11 /2001

    Attacks on World Trade Tower September 11 /2001


     It is regrettable to remember the events of this date and in it were
    A series of attacks in the United States on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Four commercial commercial transport planes were diverted and targeted to hit specific targets, three of which succeeded. The targets were the twin towers of the International Trade Center in Manhattan and the Pentagon. As a result of these events, 2973 victims were missing, as well as thousands of wounded and sick people from the inhalation of fire smoke and toxic fumes. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered the Devcon level to rise to 3, and the precautions were taken to increase the Devcon 2 level, but that did not happen. These precautions were not successful in countering the aircraft attacks on the two towers and were highly critical of their security officials


    It really was a terrible event


    According to the official version of the US government, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 19 people linked to al Qaeda carried out attacks using civilian planes hijacked. The perpetrators of the operation were divided into four groups, each of which included a person who had taken lessons at the US Air Navigation Institutes. The attack was carried out by the hijacking of commercial civilian transport aircraft and then directed to collide with specific targets. The first attack was around 8:46 am New York time when one of the hijacked planes collided with the north tower of the World Trade Center. A quarter of an hour later, at about 9:03 am, another plane collided with the South Tower building. More than half an hour later, a third plane collided with the Pentagon building. While the fourth plane was supposed to hit the White House but crashed before reaching the target.

    These events led to major changes in US policy, which began with the declaration of the war on terror, including the war on Afghanistan and the fall of the Taliban regime, the war on Iraq, and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein there.

    Less than 24 hours after the events, NATO declared that the attack on any NATO member country was an attack on all 19 member states. The process had the effect of mobilizing government support for most of the world and the two main parties in Congress and the Senate forgot their internal differences. In the Arab and Islamic countries, there was a wide disparity in the official positions of the government with the prevailing public opinion on the street that was either indifferent or convinced that the strike was the result of what some called «American intervention in the affairs of the world».

    Hours after 9/11, the United States blamed al Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden. US forces later claimed to have found a tape in a bombed-out house in Jalalabad in November 2001, in which Osama bin Laden, speaking to Khalid bin Ouda bin Mohammed al-Harbi, appeared to be planning the operation. This tape was met with a wave of doubts about its validity. [3] But in 2004, in a videotape broadcast before the US elections on October 29, 2004, bin Laden claimed responsibility for the attack. [4] According to the FBI, Mohammed Atta (whose full name is Mohammed Atta al-Sayyid) is the person responsible for the crash of the first plane at the World Trade Center building, and Mohammed Atta, the master planner for the other operations that took place in what became known as September 11,

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