•    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign
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    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign

    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign

    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign

    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign
    Liz Peek: Angry Obama is still not getting it as he hits the election campaign

    President Obama is confused.

    In a speech about the election campaign at the University of Illinois, the former president pointed out that Donald Trump was elected in 2016 by the ‘strong and distinguished.’ He also denounced voters for failing to appear, allowing this ‘harmful’ threat. For our democracy ‘.

    But the truth is that it was not the powerful elites that voted for Donald Trump in Michigan and Ohio. Blue-collar workers felt they were being ignored by Obama and the Democrats. Who has abused the reckless rush of identity politics and policies that protect everything except their jobs and livelihoods? Voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, who saw local industries moving abroad, were voters in Michigan who were worried that Hillary Clinton had taken their votes for granted.

    Elections in 2016 were not unique. The Americans also scolded the president in 2010, when Democrats lost 63 seats in the House – one of the worst beatings of modern times – and again in 2012 when Republicans took over the Senate. Voters also retreated by electing an unprecedented number of Republican candidates in state and state legislatures while Obama occupied the White House.

    Were those elections the work of lobbyists and other infamous interests? No, those elections were a wake-up call that Obama and his party failed to pay attention to. They were very busy dividing and tasting the population into groups that could be won through targeted policies, and they had forgotten about the country in general.

    Above all, President Obama is angry. President Trump systematically violated his legacy. 

    President Obama is furious that President Trump is credited with a booming economy. He paints he got the rolling ball. It is true that his administration has managed to ward off a recession, but for years, even as voters included jobs and economics as they did first, Obama’s focus was elsewhere.

    Nothing better highlights its misleading ambitions and priorities from the Paris Climate Convention. Obama has embraced this toothless celebration of global cooperation, although it will hinder the US economy and strong energy industries while continuing to expand in China, the world’s largest source of carbon emissions.

    Similarly, Obama’s enthusiasm for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal judged by the World Bank as unhelpful to the United States, reflected his appetite for heritage and indifference to America’s first position, as President Trump might say.

    Under President Trump, the pace of economic expansion accelerated, long ago in age. There is no denying that his election has led to an immediate increase in business optimism, which has led to a steady rise in capital investment, the key to productivity and wage gains.

    Democrats accuse that corporate tax cuts have benefited only the rich, but they know better. The growth in consumer spending is driven not only by high optimism but also by rising incomes. Although average hourly wages rose slightly faster than inflation, families also benefited from lower taxes, the opportunity to trade in a better job, and a large number of corporate bonuses to celebrate corporate tax cuts.

    The latest jobs report provides a quick overview of what’s happening. Wages rose 2.9 percent year-on-year, the fastest rate in nine years. Economists point out that the annual rate of progress could be as high as 3% -5.5%, the best in years.
    And admiring the top line figure, the rise in manufacturing jobs over the past year is better news. President Obama ridiculed President Trump’s promise to restore manufacturing jobs during the 2016 campaign, wondering, ‘What is your magic wand?’

    But she did not take magic. It took business managers to know that the government was working with them and not against them, that it was unlikely to be closed by some unfair organizations, and that our tax system would not put them at a disadvantage. In July, we added 327,000 manufacturing jobs last year, the largest in a 12-month period since 1995. These jobs are ‘paid’, Hillary Clinton said.

    The rising economy alarms Democrats eager to restore the House of Representatives in November. To face the good economic news, the liberals resorted to intimidation tactics, promising, for example, that the removal of Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court would mean the end of Roe v. Wade, greater access to weapons, more dangerous air, and increasing racism.

    In his speech, Obama warns that Republicans ‘exploit the dark American history of an ethnic, ethnic and religious divide.’

    But then he has the nerve to be quiet about ‘policies of fear and resentment,’ and one wonders what he is talking about. He complains that ‘the demagogues are preparing simple reforms to complex problems,’ but his party wants the government to provide free health care for everyone and ensure everyone’s work. These reforms are simple, but they are also not applicable and expensive enough to bankrupt the country.

    Above all, President Obama angry. President Trump has systematically bypassed his legacy, removed us from the Trade Point Program, the Paris Climate Agreement, the insufficient Iranian nuclear deal, the removal of misleading regulations such as the Clean Energy Act and guidelines on how colleges should deal with sexual abuse on campus.

    Trump does not do that despite bad policies. For the most part, policies were also unpopular. That’s why voters protested in 2010, 2012 and 2016. Perhaps the Americans allowed Obama to back down in that election, he suggests, but they did not let the country land.

    Obama says the next election is the most important in his life. Maybe right. Democrats are keen to reverse the progress we have made over the past year, and they can. Let us hope that voters will not give them a chance.


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