•    Trump journalists find new and strange ways to join the resistacnce
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    Trump journalists find new and strange ways to join the resistacnce

    Trump journalists find new and strange ways to join the resistance

    Trump journalists find new and strange ways to join the resistance 


    The bias in the media appears to be getting worse this week. So that the working week was shortened by Labor Day on this discouraging trend.

    Reporters cheered at the Supreme Court hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and swallowed a silly trick on the Internet. Then there was an editorial for The New York Times defending the ‘steady state’ rebellion against President Trump. This was a new drop for journalists devoted to overthrowing democratic elections.

    It was called ‘pièce de résistance’.

    The New York Times has overtaken opposition leaders in CNN and the Washington Post. The three daily battle for liberal attention and press fame such as the finalists of the ‘bachelor’, all of them desperate to win.

    Allowed the opening opinion to celebrate the victory at the moment. Easily passed on Post with his new Bob Woodward sad book and CNN Celebration to download Director of InfoWars Alex Jones.

    The newspaper said the publication of an anonymous article is a ‘rare step’. Rarely did anyone in the press ever remember anyone else doing this to attack the president of the United States. But then, we only had President Donald J. Trump for 20 months.

    The public raised more madness. Nicholas Wallace, an MSNBC customer, ruled out Trump’s removal and said it was time for ‘a serious debate on the 25th Amendment in this country.’ His teammate, Ari Millbar, joined his guests to call the administration ‘trash fires’ 11 times in one part.

    Things were very bad at CNN. The ‘wolf’, host Wolf Blitzer, continued to ask whether America was heading for a ‘constitutional crisis,’ as if Times were equal to the rule of law. John Appleton, a senior political analyst at CNN, gave viewers a ‘reality check’ on what decision-making might look like if CNN wanted to get rid of Trump. Appleton had to admit that the opportunity that would have been ‘minimal, at least’.

    The CNN site actually filled ‘7 terms you need to know to understand the anonymous NYT view’. Everything included is an opinion essay, completely ignorant, and more talk about the unlikely use of the XXV. This did not prevent the headlines you are demanding throughout the week.

    Of course, I enjoyed the broadcast networks fun. Three evening news programs spent a total of about 15 minutes in an editorial that night, specifically the celebration the newspaper wanted. Jonathan Carl, chief reporter for the White House at ABC, described the article as ‘a devastating image of President Trump.’ As if we had not owned any of them since Trump took office.

    The View praised the opening article, where co-host Sunny Hostin told the author, ‘This person might save our country.’ The host and Youbi Goldberg had the audacity to claim that the opinion essay was ‘constructive criticism.’

    ‘Bianna Golodryga’ The announcer participating in the program ‘CBS’ this morning was a rare voice on the reason for the objection. She expressed concern that this would increase the ‘erosion of confidence’ in America in the press.

    2. ‘No, I Spartacus’: If the default view provides a drama for the week, the Senate Judiciary Committee that heard about the appointment of the Supreme Court of Kafanog provided almost everything else – from comedy to farce.

    I like reporters how about Democrats hearing to a circus, complete with hundreds of arrests and women who wear clothes directly from Hulu’s ‘Hulu tale’ pro-direct abortion. There were reports of ‘chaos’ or ‘fireworks’ but at least it was ‘dramatic’ enough to keep journalists happy.

    In fact, ‘everything was carefully designed,’ according to ABC’s Terry Muran, where Senate Democrats and their closest allies had created a scene they hoped would help them in the mid-term after Kavanjug was already in the Supreme Court.

    CNN announcer Chris Kiyomo invented a new word when he complained that the hearing was a ‘trifamokoker’ because Kavanog did not answer the questions that would force him to give up his future decisions.

    This came after Como accused the Republican Party of trying to ‘build up the courts across the country through young white judges.’ To get the record, Cuomo is also white and male – and at the age of 48, he is five years younger than Kavanaugh.

    This was not the best part. The left turned on a former Kavanaugh employee, Zina Bach, who claimed to have made an ‘OK’ sign during the session. ‘This gesture has not been announced,’ Politico wrote, covering her own right at the bottom of the slope. ‘The gesture was a symbol of white power and’ national outrage ‘through a resistive loudspeaker with 200,000 monitors.’ From there. According to the Washington Post: ‘Liberal activist and writer Amy Siskind wrote in a now-deleted chant that the symbol of Bash should’ exclude ‘Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court.’ It was very much for CNN’s ‘reliable sources’ who called those involved in their ‘nonsense’ the ‘white power symbol.’

    Bash got the last laugh, as he actually showed up to use the code during the hearing the next day in the tournament-level phishing exercise.

    Democratic Sen. for New Jersey Sen. Currie Poker made more comical comments when he claimed to be ‘Spartacus’ for launching his emails about Kavanaugh who claimed he might be kicked out of the Senate. Email messages have already been cleared for release. Again, correspondents ran with false news to promote a potential presidential candidate.

    3. Obama’s return: No one likes the media more than President Obama. It was love at first sight. Obama delivered a speech at the Democratic Congress in 2004, which won the nomination four years later. The ‘New York Times’ still calls it ‘the speech Obama made’ and ‘NBC’ said it was ‘electrified.’

    Now Obama and reporters have returned visions of colourful rainbow Camelot again dancing in their heads. He spoke in Illinois on Friday and criticized Trump and said, ‘The policy of resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home in the Republican Party.’ The media pretended that this was true for years, so I loved it.

    CNN described the battle as ‘Obama and Trump fighting for the spirit of America.’ She was loved by CNN, and the former Green Businessman, Van Jones, and explained how ‘democracy is at risk’. Host colleague Brooke Baldwin described the speech as ‘incredible’.

    Politico was a cunning, allegedly in the headline: ‘Obama versus Trump: the clash that everyone waited for.’ By ‘everyone’, what Politico meant was ‘journalists.’ The conservatives never wanted to see Obama again.

    Then there was the NBC News, which had its headline on Obama criticizing Trump: ‘Obama criticizes’ crazy things ‘coming out of the White House to Trump.’

    Then the NBC channel used a strange title from the headlines about the president’s stories: ‘Fear and disgust in the Trump campaign’ and ‘Analysis: President Donald Trump seems to be trying to intimidate the midterm election.’ The ‘analysis’ President Donald Trump’s choice is fear. ‘
    He is not the favourite Trump weapon, it is the news media.

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