•    Pens criticizes Obama's 'disappointing' speech, says he will take lie detector to prove he did not write The New York Times
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    Pens criticizes Obama’s ‘disappointing’ speech, says he will take lie detector to prove he did not write The New York Times

    Pens criticizes Obama's 'disappointing' speech, says he will take lie detector to prove he did not write The New York Times

    Pens criticize Obama’s ‘disappointing’ speech, says he will take a lie detector to prove he did not write The New York Times 


    Vice President Pens criticized Barack Obama’s return to the campaign In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace told reporters that the former president’s speech was a ‘very disappointing’ attempt on the paper left by a large tax legacy and a huge rise in national debt.

    It was very disappointing to see President Obama break the traditions of former presidents and become very political and spread the same tired arguments he and the liberals have made over the past eight years,’ Pines said.

    ‘We inherited an economy was growing just over 1%,’ continued vice president. ‘In the last quarter, our economy is growing by 4.2 percent, 4 million new jobs, unemployment at its lowest level in 50 years, and to make President Obama come out and promote his policies that led to less than 2 percent growth – The doubling of national debt – I think it was – was very disappointing.

    GDP report shows ‘amazing’ national growth 

    Pens also dumped what he called a non-American ‘author’ of the New York Times last week and vowed to undergo a lie detector test to prove he did not write it.

    Pence said ‘I agree to take it in the heart beats and I will give any review you want the administration to do.’ As for whether other officials should be forced to take the lie detector, Pines admits that it is up to the president.
    Al-Rai, an alleged ‘high-level administration official,’ portrays the White House on the waterfront and claims that top-level bureaucrats are actively working to undermine parts of President Trump’s agenda.

    ‘If they are the senior administration officials, they are violating the oath, not the president, but the constitution,’ Bens said, adding that President Trump was concerned about the national security implications of the situation as well. ‘Look, it’s not American, and I think that’s why you’ve seen Republicans and Democrats condemn it.’

    To have someone who literally celebrates coming every day to thwart the agenda that I and the president have been elected to present – it is, in fact, an attack on our democracy, and it must be condemned universally,’ Bens said.

    It is truly an attack on our democracy. It must be universally condemned. ‘ 

    – Vice President Mike Bens on NYT Op-Ed

    The term ‘editorial’ clearly used the term ‘lodestar’, for which Pence is known in his speeches. When asked by Wallace whether this seemed to be an attempt to characterize him, Pens replied: ‘I will not know,’ but added that ‘in all her spirit’ was an attempt to ‘distract attention from this thriving economy and the president’s record of success.’ A particularly provocative claim in Bob Woodward’s new book, ‘Fear Trump in the White House,’ which White House Chief Economist Gary Cohen transferred from President Trump’s office that would have pulled the United States out of the United States. South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS): The book makes a similar claim on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is also negotiated.


    ‘I have every doubt about it,’ Pines said, even after Wallace pointed out that Woodward had produced the specific document in question. ‘I really … the president has re-negotiated the South Korean Free Trade Agreement in a way that puts US jobs and American workers first.’ The two countries plan to sign a free deal negotiated in New York in late September. KORUS will provide greater benefits to American pharmaceutical companies and automotive companies in a variety of ways, including doubling the number of cars imported by Korea that meet US environmental safety standards, as well as US-made medicines in the country’s national health payment plan.

    Although both Woodward’s and the Bible have their own, Americans should focus on results as a mid-term approach.

    The vice president said, ‘Sometimes I watch a little TV in the morning and then go to the White House and I feel that I am in a parallel world.’ ‘I walk to the White House, where there is a president behind the office, he is in command, he is constantly pushing ahead with the promises we made to the American people, and then I go home at night and see cable TV talking about all these things about the chaos in the White House, Not just my experience.

    OPINION: NYT OP-ED WRITER belongs to jail 

    ‘You are looking at the passing of historical tax cuts for companies and individuals, the way jobs return, and the return of investment.’ ‘It’s because we have an almost limitless power head that comes every day – no matter what happens in the media culture in Washington – and says,’ What do we do today to bring to the American people? ‘I think that’s why I see this enthusiasm as I travel across the country, so I think the American people will vote for the re-election of the Republican majority in the House and Senate this fall.’

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