•    Ariana Grandi honors Mac Miller with rapper hits
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    Ariana Grandi honors Mac Miller with rapper hits

    Ariana Grandi honors Mac Miller with rapper hits

    Ariana Grandi honours Mac Miller with rapper hits 

    Ariana Grande participated in a tender photo for Mac Miller on Instagram on the anniversary of the rapper who died on September 7.

    Miller was found unresponsive to his home in the San Fernando Valley. While no official cause of death has been released, Miller is believed to have died of an overdose.

    There has been a lot of speculation about how Grand’s response to the death of Miller publicly died after their two-year relationship, which ended in May this year.


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    The singer ‘God Woman’ has disabled comments on Instagram after the influx of angry comments in response to the news of Miller’s death.

    Grande encountered similar harassment on the Internet after Miller was charged with DUI earlier this year and released a statement about his problems with addiction.

    Festival organizers warn of ‘bad’ Ecstasy tablets after overdoses

    Ariana Grandi honours Mac Miller with rapper hits
    ‘Of course, I did not share how hard or scary it was, but it was ‘I will continue to pray from the bottom of my heart until it becomes clear, and that any woman in this position will do so too.’

    Miller had talked frankly about drug abuse issues.

    Speaking to Billboard in 2015, he explained in detail the difficulties he faced after the success of his first record: ‘I was doing a lot of drugs at the time, another difference now: I do not do too many medicines … He only eats in the mind, Day, every second … It’s tough on your body. ‘

    Miller was scheduled to start a tour next month to support his latest famous album entitled’ Swimming. ‘ NME called it ‘his best business in years’.

    The day before his death (September 6), Miller performed an intimate at the hotel cafe in Hollywood. An official performance video was posted online:


    Miller’s salute is spread over social media, with artists including Charles Arbor, Earl, 1975 and Miss Elliott paying tribute.

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