•    Obama is trying to tarnish Trump's voters, after Hillary's losing strategy
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    Obama is trying to tarnish Trump’s voters, after Hillary’s losing strategy

    Obama is trying to tarnish Trump's voters, after Hillary's losing strategy

    Obama is trying to tarnish Trump’s voters, after Hillary’s losing strategy



    President Obama gave the nation some ideas about the Democratic Party’s mid-term election strategy on Friday with a diabolical political speech by Americans who elected Donald Trump as president and double the failed liberal ideology that devastated our economy.

    I must say this … over the past few decades, the politics of division, dissatisfaction and paranoia have unfortunately been found in the Republican Party,’ President Obama said, recalling the scandalous portrayal of Hillary Clinton as ‘sad’ and ‘irreparable’.

    The description of the 63 million Trump voters was ‘sad’ and ‘irreparable’ for Hillary Clinton when she ran a failed presidential campaign against Trump in 2016. The labelling will not work for voters who are divided, resentful and suspicious. Midterm elections in November.

    Democrats consistently demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding and an active demonization of Trump voters. They are clearly wrong but do not realize they are wrong.

    I travelled to the country in search of a Trump voter in my book ‘The New American Revolution: Making a Popular Movement.’

    Here’s what I found: a mother who lost her only son to an illegal immigrant; a wife whose husband died while he was on the waiting list for health care from the VA. Or her entire family died in a terrorist attack; factory workers whose jobs went abroad; and many other great Americans who wanted change – a change from the Obama presidency.

    These are the millions of Americans who have made Donald Trump our president in elections not seen by liberal media, opinion pollsters, or political elites. They never saw it because they did not take the time to talk to voters and understand their simple single request: ‘Change

    As I wrote earlier: ‘In each of the 27 states where CNN conducted exit and entry polls during the Republican primary, more than 80 percent of the Republican electorate felt angry or dissatisfied with the federal government. % Of Republican voters, in general, have a negative view of the federal government. ‘

    In the states where CNN raised the same question about Democrats, 61 percent of Democratic voters had a negative view of the federal government! Interestingly, the highest level of Democratic frustration was in Michigan, where 69 percent of voters said they were frustrated by the federal government. Michigan voted, of course, for Trump after 30 years of going blue.

    Polls for the night elections again confirmed voters’ desire for change. A Fox News 2016 poll found that 62% of voters believe the country is ‘on the wrong track.’

    In short, the story of the 2016 election was a bipartisan call to change from the current situation of the failed Obama. So why do Democrats bring President Obama to the campaign?

    Obama’s presidency has given the slowest economic recovery since World War II. Economic growth weakens by 2 percent each year. Wage growth and the middle class has shrunk considerably. Perhaps not surprisingly, 71% of Americans believe the economy is counterfeit.

    In just two years, President Trump reversed his course entirely. Now, 85 percent of blue-collar workers say their lives are ‘going in the right direction,’ and 62 percent of voters generally say the economy is ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’ Trump’s economy grew by 4.2 percent annually. The second quarter 3.6 million new jobs; wages are growing at the fastest pace in a decade.

    Now, President Obama is trying hard to attribute to President Trump’s successes, saying ‘remember when this recovery began’, while failing to note that Obama’s recovery was the worst since World War II, costing Americans about $ 17,000 in wage growth.

    Make no mistake. The gains of good economic news are precise because of Trump’s presidency, which has turned Obama’s legacy of high taxes, cumbersome regulation and commercial deals into murder. That is why ‘Trump economists as a catalyst for growth, employment and stocks in the United States,’ according to the Wall Street Journal survey.

    The return to the current political class that oversaw a failed economy is not the solution for Democrats. Obama’s campaigning calls on every democratic red country to defend the failures of Obama’s presidency.

    Obama’s presence poses a major challenge to Democrats such as Democratic Sen. Heidi Hitcamp and Montana Sen. John Tester, who represent Trump’s allies while saying Obama will not be welcome in his state.

    Obama’s disastrous liberal Obama program was rejected in 2016 and must be rejected in 2018. While Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats ignored the forgotten men and women in this country, President Trump spoke with them. Now, acting for them.

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