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    Nikki Reed’s health kick

    Nikki Reed's health kick

    Nikki Reed’s health kick


    Nikki Reed changed her approach to health and wellness after falling pregnant.

    The 30-year-old actress – who has 13-month-old daughter Bodhi with her husband Ian Somerhalder – decided to adjust her diet after discovering she was expecting her small child.

    ‘Suddenly I was thinking about the health and well-being of another human being who shared my body, and I wanted to create her best home as much as possible. I remember reading posters on the products I used to regularly use and saying ‘safe for pregnant women’ and thinking, ‘This is strange, I wonder why is not it safe for me now to expect? What is in these products that are good for me a few months ago, and now they are out of bounds?

    Nikki Reed felt like a ‘completely different person’ after changing her diet.

    ‘She looked like a very different person. It is amazing how little inflammation can result from unhealthy life on your nose bridge, your pores, or your teeth. So I read wrong things about myself like this I had a nose or crust job, funny enough, I did not do one thing in my face, except changing my lifestyle and reducing my chemical intake. ‘

    The beauty of a brunette now has a new appreciation and found how that what we eat and put on our skin affects our bodies.

    She told People magazine: ‘What people do not realize is that everything is connected. What you place in your body affects not only your intestines but also [[]] outside you and your mind. Conversely, what your body places on your intestines also affects. ‘

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