•    Booker vows to 'knowingly' violate Senate rules to issue secret email Kavanaugh, denouncing GOP conviction

    Booker vows to ‘knowingly’ violate Senate rules to issue secret email Kavanaugh, denouncing GOP conviction

    Booker vows to 'knowingly' violate Senate rules to issue secret email Kavanaugh, denouncing GOP conviction

    Poker vows to ‘knowingly’ violate Senate rules to issue secret email Kavanaugh, denouncing GOP conviction


    New York Sen. Corrie Corrill, a Democrat from New Jersey, created a state of disarray at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing, pledging to issue a secret email to Kavanaugh with the support of Democrats in violation of Senate rules, calling it a ‘civil disobedience’ Of Republicans on the committee.

    Poker said at the beginning of the third day of the Confederation’s confirmation session: ‘I will issue an email about racial profiling, and I understand that the punishment comes with the possible overthrow of the Senate.’

    A Democrat from New Jersey said that he ‘criticizes’ Senate science rules of e-mail issuance. Other Democrats in the Committee expressed their support for the effort.

    On the previous day, in a dramatic dialogue, within Poker that Cavanaugh was open to the tactics of racial profiling, referring to the exchange of e-mail between Kavanaugh and his colleague. However, Bocker did not submit to Kavanaugh a copy of the emails to be reviewed during his interrogation on them, triggering another objection from Lee, who was accused of inappropriate ‘questioning’ Kavanaugh about documents he ‘could not see.’
    Boker said he would be released anyway, saying the document was ‘a wonderful example of the absurdity of the process’ because there was no ‘national security relationship’ in it.

    Poker said: ‘I come from a long row, as we all do as Americans, understand what this kind of civil disobedience, I understand the consequences.’

    Senior Republicans ridiculed and denounced Booker, thinking they were thinking of the 2020 campaign for the presidency, for this move.

    Senator John Cornin in Texas told ‘Poker’: ‘Running for president is no excuse for violating Senate rules or secrecy of the documents we are familiar with.’

    Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley, of California, criticized Poker to repeat his point of view.

    ‘Can I ask you how long will you say the same thing three or four times?’ Asked Grassley.

    Poker replied: ‘I say I deliberately violated the rules.’ ‘Senator Corinne has called me for that.’
    ‘How many times will you tell us that?’ Grasley replied. This came as Cavanaugh entered the final stage of questioning at his confirmation hearing on Thursday, as Democrats began a series of hidden questions – in a clear attempt to fund the candidate to an embarrassing confession or at least throw him on what was a relatively consistent performance. He did not say on Wednesday whether he thought the president could be summoned or whether the president could ‘pardon himself,’ key questions amid the ongoing Russian probe.

    The other lines of questioning were more ambiguous, suggesting an effort to put a trap.

    At the moment of a private garrison late on Wednesday, Senator Camala Harris, of California, asked Kavanaugh whether he had ever discussed your adviser Robert Mueller or achieved it in Russia with anyone in Kasowitz Benson Torres, a law firm he founded Mark Kasowitz, former personal counsel of Trump.

    ‘Make sure your answer,’ Harris warned. ‘I ask you a very direct question, yes or no?’

    Cavanaugh said, ‘I’m not sure I know everyone who works in this law firm.’ ‘I do not remember, but I’m happy to be updated.’

    ‘How do you not remember whether you have talked about Robert Mueller or achieved with anyone in this law firm?’ Harris asked, obviously angry. ‘This investigation has been going on for a long time, sir, so please answer the question.’

    ‘I’m just trying to think – do I know anyone working in that company?’ In the end Kavanaugh replied. ‘I would like to know the person you are considering.’
    ‘I think you are thinking of someone and do not want to tell us,’ replied Harris, sending the room to a few seconds of almost complete silence.

    Then the Republican Senator from Utah County, Mike Lee, intervened briefly to defend Cavanaugh, saying that ‘this city is full of law firms,’ and that it ‘is constantly divided, stopped, and formed new companies – it’s like rabbits. To expect the witness to know who fills an entire company. ‘

    A barrage of protesters burst into cheers ‘answer the question’ before being led by the police also talked to me. In total, 73 people were arrested and charged with carrying out illegal demonstrations in Senate buildings on Wednesday, including 66 people who were removed from the hearing room during the day, according to Capitol police officials.
    Also on Wednesday evening, Sen. Maui Hirono of Hawaii, the Democrat, pressed the Cavani extensively about whether he was aware of the inappropriate conduct of former District Judge Alex Kozinski when he broke Kozinski from 1991 to 1992. Kozinski unexpectedly retired The past after several women worked as accused by law clerks or colleagues sexual misconduct that included touching, inappropriate sexual comments and forced presentations of pornography in his room.
    Herono, who repeatedly asked other judicial candidates whether they had ever harassed anyone, pointed out that Kavanaki and Kozinski remained in touch after the end of his training period, with Kozinski’s recommendation at Kavanu during his 2006 confirmation of his current job In the Court of Appeal in the Metropolitan Circuit.

    Herono said: ‘You did not see anything, you did not hear anything, and obviously you did not say anything,’ although Cavanaugh denied knowing any misconduct by Kuzinski and said he would have told him if he had known him.

    In most cases, the hearings focused on Cavanaugh’s writings, and in particular, the main views he wrote while serving in the most prestigious appellate courts in the country.

    The confirmation session was sometimes chaotic, as Democrats were trying to delay the proceedings, complaining that they had not received enough records from Kavanaugh’s previous work.

    Senator Patrick Leahy, d. at. F. , On Kivanav about what he knows about the non-Bush oversight program. Lehigh also asked Cavanaugh to have the president have the right to pardon himself, a power President Trump said he believed he owned.
    ‘The issue of self-forgiveness is something I have never disliked,’ Kavanog replied.

    Emotions of demonstrators have been a frequent feature since the start of hearings. Moments after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley opened the hearing on Wednesday, it was possible to hear the scream from the back of the room: ‘The head of the Sham, the false justice!’ Paradoxically, on one occasion, the protesters shouted as Cavanaugh discussed how he had tried

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