•    Trump digs after an editorial in the New York Times, vows to drain the swamp

    Trump digs after an editorial in the New York Times, vows to drain the swamp

    Trump digs after an editorial in the New York Times, vows to drain the swamp

    Trump digs after an editorial in the New York Times vow to drain the swamp


    President Trump took to Twitter late Wednesday and vowed to continue ‘draining the swamp’ after the New York Times published an anonymous article written by a senior White House official who described the president as ‘trivial and ineffective.’

    ‘I drain the swamp and seek the swamp to respond. Not worry, we will win!’ Trump is singing.

    The New York Times On Wednesday, he published an explosive text that he described as a ‘two-track presidency,’ where senior officials ‘are struggling from within to thwart parts of President Trump’s agenda and his worst tendencies.’

    Trunk ‘gutless’.

    ‘Is there really a so-called’ Senior Management Officer ‘or is it just another failed’ New York Times ‘? If the unknown person already exists, the Times must, for national security purposes, immediately convert it to the government’! President Twitter.

    ‘I’m part of the resistance within the Trump administration,’ he said, adding that meetings with the president would ‘stop the issue and stop the tracks.’

    The anonymous author wrote, ‘He engages in repeated confusion, and his impulse produces half-sincere, informed, and sometimes reckless decisions that must be referenced.’ The White House chief wrote that many of the administration’s policies made America safer and more prosperous. ‘But these successes came despite – not because of – the leadership style of the president, who is reckless, quarrelsome, trivial and ineffective.’

    The writer claimed that ‘there are early whispers within the Cabinet to evoke the 25th Amendment’ to remove Trump from office because of the ‘instability of the President’ … But no one wanted to accelerate the constitutional crisis. ‘


    Press secretary Sarah Sanders also asked the unnamed writer to ‘resign.’

    ‘We are disappointed, but not surprised, that the newspaper chose to publish this pathetic, reckless, selfish.This is a new low level of the so-called’ record paper ‘and must issue an apology. Sander said in a statement.

    The New York Times defended the piece. ‘We are very proud of the publication of this article, which adds great value to the public’s understanding of what is going on in Trump’s management from someone he can know,’ a Times spokesman said in response to White House remarks. The article was published a day after the Washington Post published excerpts from a book by the old reporter Bob Woodward, in which the Trump administration was portrayed as full of second-guessing officers and cabinet members filming papers from the president’s office before he could sign them


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