•    Haley: The Israeli-Palestinian Trump deal can happen in this century if Abbas comes to the table
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    Haley: The Israeli-Palestinian Trump deal can happen in this century if Abbas comes to the table

    Haley: The Israeli-Palestinian Trump deal can happen in this century if Abbas comes to the table

    Haley: The Israeli-Palestinian Trump deal can happen in this century if Abbas comes to the table


    US Ambassador Nicky Haley told reporters that President Trump’s deal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian situation can only happen if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agrees. Halley was speaking to reporters at a press conference on the occasion of the United States presidency of the UN Security Council this month. In response to a question, if the agreement of the century was achievable, he said, ‘Only if Abbas comes to the table … We have ensured that (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu comes to the negotiating table.’ Abbas, in the interest of his people, must come to ‘The Palestinian leadership cut off all contacts with the Trump administration when the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December. While many critics of the Trump administration claimed that there was no peace plan, Halley said she had read it, but told reporters it would not be put forward during the UN General Assembly debate this month when Trump and other world leaders would speak. ‘I can tell you that Jared Kouchner (the senior White House adviser) and (Trump Special Envoy for International Negotiations) have done incredible work, I read the plan, it is done very carefully, it is well studied by both sides, Palestinians and Israelis ‘The president’s full intention is to do everything in his power through the peace plan.’
    Halley, who defended a close ally of the United States, Israel as a top priority for the United Nations, told reporters that Abbas must Does more to help the Palestinian people.


    I will tell you again, for the sake of the Palestinian people, the region and the international community, we have to put pressure on Abbas, and we say, the time has come … the time has come for a better life for the Palestinians. the problem ‘. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the agency that Trump’s administration cut off all funding last Friday, was criticized by Haley for being a political organization.

    She said that the United States until last year gave about $ 6 billion to the agency. ‘We have asked UNRWA for two years to reform itself because this constant number of refugees cannot afford it … We can not maintain – and the world knows – everyone knows that.’ Every year, they come and say that schools ‘But they are continuing to add numbers of refugees to where we will never be able to maintain that.’

    Halley pointed out that the United States did not cut aid to the Palestinians – only UNRWA. And called on other countries in the region to put their money in place. ‘Do not blame us for saying that we believe that UNRWA is political and that it needs reform.’ If you think it’s good, go: you pay for it, but do not blame the United States for a wrong political organization that I do not think is achieving justice. To the people of Palestinian society.


    Haley also outlined US plans for the presidency of the Security Council for the month of September. Including Trump, who heads a UN Security Council meeting on Iran. The meeting will address Iran’s continuing violations of international law and the interference of the Islamic regime throughout the Middle East. Halle said she would not oppose Iranian President Hassan Rowhani at the meeting.

    Asked if Trump’s management strategy for Iran, if that includes regime change, Halley told reporters that the management strategy was very simple. ‘We will stand with the Iranian people, this is not about regime change, who is the next leader, this is all about standing with the Iranian people, they say they have every right to be heard in their government, and they have every right to change them if they do not We believe that the international community must join us in this because it represents a future and future issue – it is an issue that affects every country in the world. ‘
    Trump will also chair an anti-narcotics meeting. Halley said the issue was very important for him, a subject that struck nearly all countries in the world. At that meeting, the President will issue a global call for action to world leaders gathered in New York.

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