•    Trump insults LeBron James, Don Lemon over CNN interview
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    Trump insults LeBron James, Don Lemon over CNN interview

    Trump insults LeBron James, Don Lemon over CNN interview

    Trump insults LeBron James, Don Lemon over CNN interview

    Once again, President Donald Trump fueled his cultural war by chasing a black athlete on Friday. This time, LeBron James, star of the NBA, , Who sat on Monday with Don Limon of CNN, to discuss his new school ‘I Promised’ for at-risk youth in Akron, Ohio.

    ‘LeBron James was interviewed with the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. Making LeBron seem smart, that’s not easy. I love Mike! ‘Trump appeared to be translating whether James’ greatness had overtaken the star of retired American basketball star Michael Jordan.

    While the interview was originally broadcast on Monday, CNN re-broadcast it on Friday. Trump appears to have been caught from Damenster, New Jersey, where he was on leave.

    James discussed various topics while sitting with lemons, including politics and race. He said the president divides the country on the basis of race – and uses sport to do so.

    James said: ‘He divides us’. ‘What I noticed over the past few months is a type of sport used in our division, and this is something I can not talk about it, because I know that sport was the first time I was one of them white and got a chance to see them and get to know them, and they get a chance to learn me, And we became very good friends. ‘

    James also spoke about his own, who said he began the killing of Treifun Martin, a young black man is armed with a 17-year-old, in 2012.

    ‘From that moment on, I knew my voice and my program should be used more than just sport,’ he said.

    Trump attacked several black figures, including athletes, during his tenure. The NFL players were constantly criticized for a peaceful protest during the national anthem before football matches. He called for the NFL to suspend the player Oakland Raiders Marchaon Lynch during its national anthem in November, and he constantly attacked the former player Football League Colin Kaepernick.

    Rally in Alabama last September, said that the NFL owners ‘must have the son of a bitch from the field now’ If anyone protested during the national anthem.

    Lemon asked in his sit-in with James about Trump’s criticism of black athletes and other public figures.

    ‘It’s all a mistake,’ James said. ‘I think [Trump] uses anything common to try to get people out of thinking about the positive things they can really do and just try not to make our minds acuter at the time.’

    Jordan responded on Saturday to Trump’s glee and stood by James. Told NBC News through his spokesman that he supports James and believes he ‘does a great job for his community’.

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