•    Lizzie: A gruesome tale of finding love unexpectedly
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    Lizzie: A gruesome tale of finding love unexpectedly

    Lizzie: A gruesome tale of finding love unexpectedly

    Lizzie: A gruesome tale of finding love unexpectedly

    Lizzy Borden took the ax
    From the television film Elizabeth Montgomery (70 years old) to the latest Limtime Limited series, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles with Christina Ricci, the American killer of the Fall River, Massachusetts has a story that has fascinated people and terrified them for decades. Now, you get a big screen treatment with Chloe Sevigny (The Snowman) in a starring role.

    According to Advocate, this is the first film in Borden focused on a lesbian love story behind brutal murders. We all know the crime and rhyme associated with it.

    ‘Lizzie Borden took Vasa, and her mother gave her forty strangers; when she saw what she did, she gave her forty-one. ‘However, the crime motive has speculated for years but has not been fully explained. The film, by Lizy directed by Craig William McNeill and written by Bryce Cass, tries to delve into the mystery behind the murders.

    This film is the result of Sevigny’s passion for the subject. Work began on them in 2010 with Cass. At the time, they were conceived as four-hour videos of HBO. What makes this effort different from the former is the relationship at the core of the work.

    The trailer reveals an intimate relationship between women. Her attraction is enhanced by the sexual abuse of Sullivan by Lizzie’s father, Andrew Borden (portrayed by Jimmy Sheridan). There also seems to be a certain degree of emotional manipulation as well as illustrated in the scene involving the slaughter of pigeons that are later fed to the family at dinner.

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