•    Nikki Bella and John Cena Called off Their Wedding
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    Nikki Bella and John Cena Called off Their Wedding

    Nikki Bella and John Cena Called off Their Wedding

    Nikki Bella and John Cena Called off Their Wedding

    In last night’s episode of Total Bellas, Nicky and John took the emotional decision to cancel their wedding officially. In the episode’s summary, Nicky and Perry went to John Wickey’s wedding venue in Niagara to make some final decisions just before the wedding. John was unable to do so, which disturbed Berry.

    ‘John must be here, not me,’ Berry said. ‘Your wedding is just around the corner.’

    Later in the episode, Nicky Berry called to tell her that the wedding might be out.

    John gave her one day to decide what to do about the wedding, which frustrated her, and travelled to San Diego to talk to Berri about it.

    ‘It’s hard’ because it looks like fighting hard for me. ‘The tables have overturned.’ ‘I did not give myself enough time the first time we separated because I felt the enthusiasm he wanted for the children.’

    The two broke off earlier in the season for the first time but reconciled soon after John said he would have children with Nicky. It was a big point of contention in their relationship until that moment.

    In the end, Nikki decided that although it was very difficult, she knew what was the right decision because she ‘lost herself’ in her relationship. The end of the episode showed Nicky and Perry on the beach talking about what had happened, and Nicky explained how difficult a relationship was in the public eye.

    ‘Although I was depressed, I think that when you have a relationship with the public, it’s like not wanting to let fans down. Nicky said it was the fairy tale of everyone that married me, John and my wife Superman and Wonder Woman … so you should force yourself to believe it too, even if you start to feel something different.

    See the section above to see how everything went down.

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