•    Bode Miller, Wife Open Up About Daughter's Drowning
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    Bode Miller, Wife Open Up About Daughter’s Drowning

    Bode Miller, Wife Open Up About Daughter's Drowning

    Bode Miller, Wife Open Up About Daughter’s Drowning

    Seven weeks after their young daughter sank into the swimming pool, Olympic champion Pud Baumer and his wife announced their grief, prompting parents to become more aware of how quickly young children drowned and the extent of the deaths.

    ‘There is no passing day that I do not pray in order to allow me to return to that day and make it different. But now we have this opportunity to make other parents’ days different, ‘said Miller’s wife, Morgan Beck Miller, in an interview with ‘Today’ show on Monday morning.

    Emiline, known as Amy, was 19 months old when she died on June 10, a day after falling in a pool in southern California in an accident her father said was ‘in the blink of an eye.’

    It was a normal day, when Emmy, a beach volleyball player, was recalled in a tearful interview. ‘Every morning, the children went swimming, Bode was swimming with them, and they would be there for hours. They loved her, ‘Morgan Miller said.

    After attending a birthday party, Morgan and Amy stopped at home, as Bood went off to take his eldest daughter to the softball game. (The couple has their son together and expects another child in October; Miller has two children from other relationships).

    ‘He was carrying the car when we came back and gave him a kiss. From nowhere, Amy bowed and gave him another kiss. We were thrilled about her reaction because she was not typical of Emmy, ‘Morgan said. ‘So I kissed him again and she did it again and we laughed. Then I turned and walked inside and waved and said goodbye to her father.

    Then she and her children went to their neighbors’ house.

    ‘We go forward and back, several times a week. It’s our family, ‘Morgan said. ‘It was just a normal day there. We sat on the couch and played in front of us. ‘

    With other kids playing nearby, ‘Emmy was going back and forth, which was about 15 feet long. Suddenly, it was very quiet for me. We were in the middle of the conversation and stood up. I went and went to the place where the boys were and I said, ‘Where’s Amy?’

    The father of the Olympic gold medalist, Amy, described the ‘bear’ who ‘had a strong bull-like character where she did what she wanted.’ This made silence more troubling.

    ‘Before Nate was able to respond, I turned, and the door leading to the backyard was closed,’ said Miller Miller. ‘This little piece of light came from the side.’ ‘My heart sank and I opened the door and were floating in the pool. Run and run. ‘

    She started CPR, and the neighbour called 911. Although he initially looked as if the child were alive, ‘the doctor said that her brain did not have enough oxygen for too long,’ said Bode Miller.

    Millers’ story is a familiar story to all parents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified drowning as the main cause of death from unintentional injuries to children aged 1 to 4. Miller took precautions, making sure their pool was surrounded by a fence. Now, they want to raise awareness.

    ‘We have a choice to live our days with a goal, to make sure no other parent feels what we feel,’ said Morgan Miller.

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