•    New Orleans Shooting : 3 Dead and 7 injured
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    New Orleans Shooting : 3 Dead and 7 injured

    New Orleans Shooting : 3 Dead and 7 injured

    New Orleans Shooting : 3 Dead and 7 injured

    Police in New Orleans is asking for help after a deadly shooting incident on Saturday night in a shopping mall in the Gaza Strip that killed three people and wounded seven others.

    Authorities say the two people who shot a large crowd outside a daiquiri shop at about 8:35 p.m. she’s big.

    New York police chief Michael Harrison said one of the shooters used a gun and a pistol. ‘They appeared to have fired indiscriminately at the crowd, but they’ stood on one person and fired several shells, ‘he said. Then the husband fled.

    Harrison said he believed the shooters were wearing hooded sweatshirts, but that was the only description available. Repeatedly requested assistance from the public, stressing that ‘such crimes can be resolved only with the participation of society’.

    ‘This must be a personality,’ Harrison said. ‘Randomly shoot the crowd, shooting 10 people, killing three? This is personal. Do not get more personal. ‘

    Emily Nicholls, director of emergency services in New Orleans, told a news conference that the seven-hospital victims – five men and two women – were being treated ‘to varying degrees of cases, some more critical than others’.

    The three people killed in the scene were two men and one woman. The names of the dead or injured were not disclosed by the New Orleans Police Department. Authorities are still investigating the motive.

    New Orleans Mayor Laotia Cantrell issued a statement on Saturday condemning the shooting.

    ‘There is no place in New Orleans for this kind of violence. I speak for everyone in our city when I say we are disgusted, we are angry, and we had more than enough ‘.

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